Tamilnadu History

The State was named as TAMIL NADU in the year 1969. Till then , the LANDSCAPE now called as Tamil Nadu remained as a part of the Tamil speaking South Indian Territory from the BCE timeline into the CE era, under many dynasties and rulers, concluding with the British along with French, Dutch and Portugese too. Indian independence took place in 1947. The History of Tamil Nadu has a Glorious past , geographically a massive and exotic lush green landscapes and mountains; glittering seas, rivers , lakes and waterfalls; Rich and Radiant cultural Heritage, Popular Temples, Mosques and Churches; Magnificent Monuments, Marvelous Art , Fine Arts & Architecture and Lavish spread of exclusive regional culinary spreads: all these speaks volumes about Tamil Nadu, its People, Places , Rulers, Life Style and Culture. This area is believed to have been a part of the Pre- historic period as early as 1.5 million years ago and continued till around 3000 BC. Neolithic period is believed to have started around 2500 BC . Then came the period from the end period of BCE, through to the CE era patronized by the Early rulers, Sangam Era, Medieval empires, then the Foreign rulers; finally the Indian Independence and the modern Tamil Nadu.