Unlike the other system of Astrology , this system does not Predict anything. 4000 year old Naadi Sasthram , has a unique and powerful record of Past, Present and Future of the individuals, from the divine knowledge of Saint Agasthiar written down in Palm Leaves [called as Olai Chuvadi] and were directly handed down to the disciples by the saint who is also called as Trikala Gnjani [one who knows about all the three tenses of time line]. What is said in these Palm Leaves are believed to be clear and authentic. The System is very simple. By recording the THUMB IMPRESSION, one finds out directly about the past, present and future of himself/herself from the recorded Olai Chuvadi.

It is also said that these Palm Leaves are Spread throughout the Indian Subcontinent. In Tamil Nadu it was popularized over 1000 years before by the Chola Empire. This system has different versions throughout the country in the names of Saints Agasthiyar, Sukar, Brahma, Kaushika and few others. Only few experts are available to read these originals in Tamil Nadu. The exhibits of these Palm Leaves are found even now, in the famous Saraswathy Mahal Library - Thanjavur.



Palmistry or chiromancy [in greek] is a form of Astrology that evaluates the character and the future of an individual by reading of the Palm. Palmistry or Hand Reading is found and practiced all over the world, with countless regional and cultural variations. Professionals practicing this art of Astrology are either called as Palmists or Chirologists. It is said that countries like India, Tibet, China, Persia practice hand reading. Indian connection of Palmistry finds its root in Hindu Astrology [jyothisham]. Also Saint Valmiki is believed to have contributed his part on this subject. Lines and Mounts of the Palm; Right Palm for men and Left Palm for women are the basics followed here. Apart from this , Size, Quality, and Intersections and sometimes characteristics of the fingers, fingerprints are taken into account, depending on the readers and regions.



Vaasthu is the science of direction that takes all the Five elements of Nature into account and balances them with the man and material to lead them towards health, wealth and prosperity. Vaasthu is considered as a Science that bridges man and nature. Vaasthu has originated from India. The principals of Construction, Architecture and sculpture have been incorporated in this science. Epics like Brihat Samhita, Vishnu Dharmottara Purana, Viswakarma Vaasthu Sastra, Samarangana Sutra Dharana and Aparajita Praccha have made this Vaasthu Sasthra an important and popular Science of Dwelling, Direction and Dimension. Excavation at Harappa and Mohenjo daro is a show case of Vaasthu Sathra of Indus Valley Civilization. Agama Sastra details the temple architecture too.



Numerology is the study of numbers and mystical phenomena that reflects natural and character tendencies. Just because the mathematical concepts were more easier to group and classify, the results were considered to be more accurate. That means, it is a simple way of substituting numbers between 1 to 9 to the alphabets and arrive at the summation and predict good and bad based on the earlier readings and researches. An easier way to arrive a one digit summation is, simply to take the value method of grouping 9, to get the remainder, which is considered as Numerological value. According to this method, summation of numerological values of the Name and Date of Birth defines an individual’s, his/her personality trait like, character, purpose, motivations, expectations and talents. Some use the study of planetary positions too in Numerology. Chaldean, Pythagorean, Hebraic, Japanese, Arabic and Indian are some methods of Numerology being Practiced and Predicted today.