A Spa of South India

It is a small Town on the Western ghats in Tirunelveli District with a population of 3026 [2011 census]. The Hillocks disappear into the blue mist of Agasthiar Malai, named after the Tamil Saint who is believed to have lived here. Numerous waterfalls, cascades, countless health resorts in the Courtallam have earned the title Spa of South India. This waterfall zone is the source of perennial rivers like Chittar River, Manimutharu, Pachaiyar and Tamirabarani. The season begins in June and carries on till September. It is when the area experiences substantial rainfall and it is a treat to watch and enjoy. Senkottai and Tenkasi are few important and closest towns of Courtallam. The Nearest Airport is Thuthukudi 90 kms away and Tenkasi is the nearest Railway Junction just 5 kms from this town.

Thiru Kutrala Nathar Temple is the oldest and one of the 14 Sivasthalams of the Pandya Kingdom. This is one of the Five abodes or Natya Sabhas where Lord Siva performed his divine Cosmic Dance. Because Lord Natarajar is in the form of Chithram or Mural is called as Chitra Sabha. The Hall called as Chitra Sabha is a little away from the main temple of Kutralanathar. In addition to these painting, you can find a lot of paintings of various Hindu Gods and Goddesses across the walls of the entire temple. You can also find various mythological stories and scenes from epics in the form of mural paintings in this temple.


Thirukutralanaadhar Temple near the Main Falls is dedicated to Lord Siva. It is an important and the oldest temple.

Thirumalai Kovil is dedicated to Lord Murugan at Panpoli located 3 kms from Courtallam and another temple of Lord Murugan is also located at Ilanji 8 kms from Panpoli.

Kasiviswanathar Temple, a Siva temple at Tenkasi [6 kms], Dakshinamoorthy Temple another abode of Lord Siva at Puliyarai [12 kms], Papavinasar and Ulagambigai temple at Papanasam [35kms] are few other important temples in and around Courtallam.

How to reach Courtallam

By Road: State Transport System operates frequent Services to various Destinations of the District and State.
By Rail: Tenkasi, Senkottai [6kms] and Tirunelveli [ 60 kms]
By Air: Thoothukudi [100kms], Trivandrum [112kms] and Madurai [160kms]

Tourist Information
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Places of Interest

Water Falls of Courtallam

The 60 ft Peraruvi (Main Falls) the prominent falls has a deep crater at Pongumakadal that controls the rush of water. Chitraruvi(Small Falls) with a thin flow of water attracts tourists prominently. Tourists can reach Shenbagadevi, Tehnaruvi and the Herbal farm from here by trekking. Shenbaga devi Falls rushes through the Shenbagam Trees [michaelia Champak] and the temple of Shenbaga Devi Amman temple is located here. Thenaruvi (Honey Falls) because it is full of Honeycombs where there is no water, hence it is called by this name. It is 3 kms from Shenbagadevi falls in the form of a cascade between two large rocks.

Aintharuvi (Five Falls) five different cascades of rushing water is called by this name. Bathing in this will be on the agenda of every tourist. Pazhathotta Aruvi gets this name as water flows down from beneath the Orchard. Puli Aruvi (Tiger Falls) is an artificial waterfall and the water from here is collected in a lake and used for irrigation. Because tigers are sighted here some time it is called by this name. Pazhaya Courtallam(old Falls), Palaruvi are the falls found in the Courtallam area.

Tirumalai Aruvi located at 15 kms distance has the popular Lord Murugan temple. Peraruvi [main falls], Aintharuvi [five falls] pazhaya Courtallam [old falls] are the falls that can be reached by road. The rest of the falls should be reached by trekking only. Boat Houses, Aquarium, Children”s Park, Snake Park, Swimming are the other options available besides the Water falls. Convenient Local Transport system, other essential services are being fulfilled by the Local Administration.